Couples Counseling / Couples Therapy / Coaching for Couples

Sometimes, a relationship conflict cannot be resolved in one or two mediation sessions. Addressing dysfunctional dynamics or deeper crises often requires longer-term support.

My work with couples is based on my training in Relational Life Therapy (RLT) in addition to Nonviolent Communication (NVC). RLT, developed by Terry Real, is a highly effective therapeutic approach that focuses on the dynamics, patterns, and parts within partnerships that hinder intimate relationships. These parts often originate from early wounds in our history, experiences in our family of origin, and societal factors, power structures, and toxic individualism.

These mechanisms once helped us survive and cope with our wounds. But today, they prevent intimate and authentic relationships. In RLT, we identify these dysfunctional patterns. Couples are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and are empowered to change them. The old wounds behind these dysfunctional patterns are acknowledged and empathically processed. Only then is the path open for learning relationship skills and NVC, enabling lifelong closeness and intimacy


Coaching Location: (5 minutes walk from train station Altona)
Grabbestraße 6
22765 Hamburg

I also offer online appointments.



Couples Coaching / Therapie: 160 € (90 Minuten)
Couples Coaching / Therapie with me and Thomas Meewes: 180 € (90 Minuten)